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  1. " I am able to live again, before Dr Salem did my surgery I was unable to leave my bed except for using the restroom. Dr Salem was the 7th back doctor I met and he was by far the best . He treated me like I was family. The whole crew at EGYPTIAN SPINE CLINIC changed my life , my pain is gone, my depression from feeling useless and like a burden. is gone. My husband has his wife back and most importantly my son has his mom. I will never be able to thank EGYPTIAN SPINE enough for that"
    Mary N.
  2. " I have had pain from toes to hip , lower back pain which made it difficult to walk or stand for long time , Dr Salem did my surgery , now I am more active , I can finally bend to tie my shoes without difficulty , my balance has improved tremendously . I have complete confidence in the healing process and surgical procedure . I would recommend Dr Salem to all of my family .
    James Z.
  3. " What stands out the most to me is that Dr Salem's willingness to discuss all aspects of problem , order tests,never made me rushed, my spine problems have been addressed well. It was an excellent experience . I would recommend EGYPTIAN SPINE CLINIC to everyone.
    Gloria C.
  4. " I had bulging disc in my back , my back would lock up making to where I could not sleep at night even , since surgery No back pain , sleep very well and can do things with my kids, Dr Salem did an amazing job and always stayed in touch .
    Joseph W.
  5. " I could not walk much or lay on my sides , my pain was 8/10 all the times , Dr Salem found 3 osteoporotic fractures in my back , I went home same day after surgery , my back is a lot better "
    James C.
  6. Meet Wendel who was struggling from back and neck pain for almost 10 years , he saw many spine surgeons before coming to Egyptian spine clinic, Wendel came to our office walking with a cane and using walker at home , he described losing function over the past 6 months , MRI confirmed severe cervical spine stenosis , decision was made to decompress and fuse 3 levels Dr Salem said , 2 weeks later Wendel walk in our office without a cane and zero pain medication for the first time in years , Wendel said to Dr Salem " I wish I could have met you 10 years ago"
    Wendel F.
  1. I was in sever pain most of the time , it was hard to do anything , I was even losing my balance easily , after surgery is way less , able to do more and no balance issues at all ,Dr Salem is great and I would recommend him to anyone .
    Sheryl A.
  2. Before being seen and treated by Egyptian spine clinic and Dr Salem, I was in a lot of pain , very limited on what I could do , my hands and arm tingled and felt as they were always a sleep , after surgery pain is gone , neck is not limited any more and no headaches , Dr Salem did a remarkable job on me
    Bobbie R.
  3. Two surgeries by Dr. Salem and would not let any other Dr. touch my back! Cervical fusion and laminectomy in October and after recovery went through 6 weeks of pre-Lumbar fusion Physical therapy. February Lumbar Fusion turning out well. Have just started Physical Therapy 6 week rehab and I am working hard to regain strength and flexability. During this six month period, Dr. Salem has continued to prove himself as a Skilled Surgeon and a caring individual. Have referred many of my friends.
    Allen K.
  4. The Dr and the girls in the office was very sweet the Dr understands when u tell him about your situation he suggested the things that needed to be done before just jumping into doing surgery on u He is just A very caring person and a very professional person when it comes to his practice
    Patricia M.
  5. Can not say enough about Dr. Salem and his staff. They went above and beyond for me! They called and checked on me and were very detailed anytime I had a question or concern. I'm going on 6 weeks after surgery and feeling great! I would highly recommend Dr. Salem to anyone!! He's amazing!!
    JoAnn M.
  6. Dr. Salem AKA "Mohamad" is an excellent doctor, very friendly and answered all my questions an even made sure I understood what he was telling me. The staff was very patient with me, as well as the Dr. when answering all my questions or helping me with what I needed. Thank you Egyptian Spine Clinic
    Codi B.
I have been seeing Dr Salem for some time now .He has giving shots in my back now he is going to do surgery on my back.I trust him completely.He is highly trained in his professionof the spine,and knows what he is doing Ibeleive in him and trust him or I would notlet him do my sugery.He is actually concerned about what your problem is.HE'e listens to what you have to sa. He shows you what your options are.He is very kind and very knowledgeable ,I would recommend himand have I like him a lot than
Dr. Salem clearly explains options for treatment. Very thorough and kind!

Darlene B.

Jennifer G

Dr. Salem is very professional, conscientious, and knowledgeable in his caring for his patients. I was extremely nervous during my first visit because of the extreme pain I was having in my right back and leg area. Dr. Salem was very patient in showing me and explaining to me exactly what was going on with my L4 and L5 and my sciatic nerve. During the recommended steroid injections he was extremely caring and kind and again very patient because of my anxiety. I would refer him to anyone.
When I first seen Dr. Salem he was so professional looking I didn't know what to think. He looked like a director of a hospital. But let me tell you, He is a gentle ,kind and a caring man. I would recommend him to anyone who is getting shots for there back or back surgery. He was highly trained in his profession of the spine and knows exactly what he is doing. I work at circle k on 27th St in mount Vernon ill. If you have any questions come talk to me. I will gladly help you make up your mind.

Marion G .

Debbi J.